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Ongoing dental care is one of the most important aspects of your pet’s physical health care. At Warrick Veterinary Clinic, we have special training and interest in oral health, and we recommend routine cat and dog teeth cleaning to ensure that your pet’s mouth remains healthy and clean. Preventing tooth and gum disease (oral disease), in turn, helps to minimize incidents of heart, liver, and kidney disease.

To provide your pet with the best possible dental care, we have developed a special dental staging program that involves diagnosing (including radiology), scaling, polishing, and treating teeth. With this program, your pet’s anesthetic episodes can be reduced, tartar and bacteria can be removed, and system antibiotic use can be decreased. You can learn more about our two-stage program in the next section.

Dental Staging Program

When your pet comes in for a complete professional dental cleaning, you can expect the most thorough care for them. Our two-stage dental program allows us to perform a full analysis of the mouth, which then allows us to perform the most effective cleaning and treatment. The program includes:

Stage 1: Diagnostics, Scaling, and Polishing

  • Pre-anesthetic bloodwork (Optional, but recommended. Not included in Stage 1 price)
  • Anesthetized oral exam with charting, full mouth x-rays, and dental cleaning (fasting required)
  • Antibiotic gel applied to save teeth (Clindoral)
  • Oral biopsy, if warranted
  • Discharge appointment

Stage 2: Oral Treatment

  • Oral surgery (fasting required)
  • Bone grafts
  • Oral restorations

If you’d like to learn more about oral disease, including the signs and how to prevent it, or about our dental staging program, please view the following What Is Oral Disease handout. Remember that your pet needs to be examined by our team at least once per year, and dental cleanings are recommended for them on a regular basis, just like they are recommended for humans! If you have questions or concerns about your pet’s oral health or dog teeth cleaning, please call us in Boonville at (812) 897-4855 or in Newburgh at (812) 853-6041.

Rosemary G.
January 4, 2017

I was worried when they put her under, but they took the time to explain everything to me and were very patient and kind without talking down to me. Gypsy was fine! She went in for a teeth cleaning, nail trim, and minor surgery on her ear. Her breath smells great now! The Bakers are the best (John & Jordan). Everyone is very kind at the front desk, and the techs are very compassionate.