Pet Cremation in Warrick County, IN

Pet Cremation Services 

The Warrick Veterinary Clinic teams work closely with Pet Angel to ensure that you are able to memorialize your pet in a meaningful way. Private pet cremation gives pet owners the opportunity to memorialize a beloved pet even if they do not have access to a burial location.

Pet Angel works with us after your pet’s passing to arrange a pick-up for private cremation. Your pet’s remains will be cremated alone and will be returned to the clinic for you to retrieve approximately one week later.

Memorialization Options

Pet Angel provides a number of urn options for pet owners. These can be viewed through the Memorial Products Please note that special orders may take a little longer to process.

We are here for you in your time of loss and grieving. Please call us in Boonville at (812) 897-4855 or in Newburgh at (812) 853-6041 to talk with us about your needs. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

Diane & Kevin A.
January 12, 2017

Your staff is always friendly, helpful, and well informed.