Download Our Mobile App

We are so excited for you to use our new app in partnership with InTouch Practice Communications called Vetovia!

Through the Vetovia app you’ll be able to:

  • Request an Appointment
  • Request Medication or Food Refills
  • See your pet’s brief medical history (due to the service being new to us, some of the information may not be updated all the way at this time)
  • See Scheduled, Coming Due, and Past Appointments
  • Get News Updates directly from Us to You!

How to Sign up for Vetovia!

  • Download the Vetovia app from the Apple iOS or Android Store via the links below (it’s FREE!)
  • Select your homebase clinic (This will either be Warrick Veterinary Clinic Boonville / Newburgh 261 / or Robin Hill. If you choose one and it doesn’t work, please try the others!)
  • When typing in your pet’s name, if your pet is currently on a Petly Plan, put an asterisk (*) behind the pet’s name.
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