Why is My Cat Drooling in Warrick County, IN?

Drooling can be caused by several things in cats. It may be temporary or chronic depending on its cause. Some of them even over salivate when they are excited or scared. This brief guide will explain some of the common causes of cat drooling and give you some cues as to when to involve your veterinarian near Warrick County, IN.

cat drooling warrick county

Main Causes of Cat Drooling 

Listed below are some of the most common reasons why your cat is drooling:

Nausea in Cats 

The most obvious cause of drooling would be exactly what you would imagine, nausea. There are many different causes of cat nausea which can then lead to drooling. 

Nausea in cats can be associated with the gastrointestinal track. There may be other signs such as vomiting or diarrhea which would likely lead you to think about an upset stomach.

Another possible cause is gastric ulcers which could be accompanied by teeth grinding. Motion sickness may also present as drooling or vomiting, among others.

Furthermore, our feline friends can be very sensitive to taste. If you pet eats something they shouldn’t it could cause stomach distress and drooling. They prefer savory flavors in general and their sense of smell is important to their sense of taste. If your cat is a little congested things may not taste right to them. 

Cat Oral pain

Another recognizable cause of cat drooling is oral pain. This can be dental pain or associated with other structures in the mouth. Cats can be more prone to dental disease earlier than dogs. 

A possible cause of oral pain are oral tumors. Most oral tumors in cats unfortunately have a poor prognosis and can be aggressive, perhaps growing to a large size in a few weeks. This can lead to drooling in cats.

Neurologic Conditions in Cats 

Listed below are neurological conditions that can lead to your cat drooling: 


It may not be the most obvious reason for drooling, but some neurologic conditions can induce drooling. Rabies may be the mostly commonly known, as sufferers may foam at the mouth and exhibit abnormal behaviors. It is a virus that spreads through the bites of infected animals and is contagious to humans. In general a rabies vaccines is often required by your state, even in indoor only cats.


Any injury or disease that affects the nerves that control swallowing and chewing can also lead to drooling. It may come subtly over time or be acute. Sometimes they may even have trouble picking up the food with their mouth and it will fall out as they try and chew. If you notice your pet having trouble getting food into it’s mouth along with drooling it should be assessed by your veterinarian right away.

Behavioral Conditions in Cats 

Have you ever relaxed with your cat on your lap only to find out when they get up that you now have small puddle of drool left on your pant leg? Happy and relaxed cats may drool along with purring. It has also been seen in the opposite situation with stressed or fearful pets. These instances will be situational only and will resolve with the emotion passes.

Contact Your Veterinarian in Warrick County, IN if Your Cat is Drooling 

Drooling can have a variety of causes and be a significant indicator or pain or nausea. While this is not an exhaustive list, we have discussed many of the most common causes. Unless the extraneous salivation resolves quickly or they just bit into a lemon, having them examined is best for peace of mind.

Drooling could be seen once, intermittently or chronically and can have multiple etiologies. If your cat is drooling for more than an hour or if you are seeing it more than in the behavioral situations we mentioned above, your pet should be seen by your vet. Trouble eating or food aversion are also symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored. When you’re not certain, it’s best to reach out to your vet for more guidance. If you have any questions or concerns about your cat drooling, contact our team at Warrick Veterinary Clinic by calling (812) 897-4855. We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care for your pets.