Dog Nutrition: 4 Things Pet Parents in Warrick County, IN Should Know

Taking care of your pet involves love, attention, going on walks, and also giving them the right food. Making sure that your pet has the food that they need to be healthy and feel great through proper dog nutrition is a very important part of pet ownership. There are many dog foods on the market and it can be hard to decide which food is the right one for your pet’s unique needs.

Dog nutrition in Warrick County, IN

Important Dog Nutrition Information for Warrick County, IN Pet Parents

People also struggle sometimes with what amount of food their dog needs to have in a day and what kinds of treats and snacks their dog can safely have. These are all valid questions and they are not that hard to answer with a little guidance. You can always head to your veterinarian in Warrick County, IN to get a little more help with your pet’s dietary plan, but this list will get you started on the right foot if you have a dog that you need to create a diet plan for.

Below is some important information everyone should know about dog nutrition:

Raw/Freeze-Dried Diets Can Work for Some Dogs, But Not All of Them

For some dogs, such as specific breeds or pets that are dealing with an allergy to grains, a raw diet can be a great solution. However, not every dog is best served by eating a raw diet.

Raw diets are well-suited for the pets that need them, but if your dog is young and healthy, you should not have to feed them a raw diet. Domestic dogs are very capable of digesting carbohydrates once they are cooked, and kibble is one of the most efficient ways to be sure that your dog is getting the nutrition that it needs.

Raw diets can be hard to balance and you will have to be careful when you shop for these products that you are actually getting quality dog food. Freeze-dried options tend to be more balanced and help take out the work on your part as the pet owner, so there’s less chance of any potential error.

When it comes to what diet is best for your dog, you should always talk with your vet in Warrick County to make sure your pet gets all of their necessary nutrition requirements.

Treats Can be Safe For Your Pet

Another common part of dog nutrition is treats, particularly which ones you should give your pet. You can feed treats within reason so long as you get a treat that is made for dogs. Feeding human food to your pet is never a good idea, as it sets them up for digestive upsets and can also lead to begging behaviors. There are many kinds of dog treats that are made specifically for this purpose and these are often the best choice to make when you are considering a treat to use for training or for rewards.

Making sure that you get treats that are made specifically for dogs can help to keep your pet healthy and can prevent unwanted training issues related to begging and trying to steal human food. These kinds of treats are often bite-sized as well, which is better for your dog’s weight and health. An example of a treat you can give your pet is green beans.

Treats can be a great way to help your dog learn new skills and bond with you, but you have to be careful that you are feeding them the right things for this purpose.

Feeding More is Not Always Better

Each kind of dog food on the market has a recommended feeding amount related to your dog’s weight. You can see this information with ease on the side of the bag and you should be able to calculate what your dog needs to eat morning and night with ease. Free feeding your dog can often lead to them eating too much, so it is a good idea to just feed your dog at set meal times and to use the directions on the bag as far as the amount.

Most foods will suggest about 1 cup to 1 ½ cup per feeding, but some foods are more concentrated and will need to be fed in smaller amounts. You can make sure that your dog looks and feels its best by starting out with the recommended amount per feeding and then gradually increasing up or down depending on how your dog seems to be doing.

Make Sure To Provide All The Nutrients Your Dog Needs

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to dog nutrition is to make sure your pet is getting all of the nutrients they need.

You should be sure that your dog is getting their daily allotment of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins along with access to clean water. You will find that kibble foods cover all of these needs with ease, as well as add some benefits for joint health like glucosamine and MSM. 

If you have concerns about the way your dog’s coat looks or you think that your dog food is just not cutting it for your pet, you can head to your vet in Warrick County and have bloodwork done. This will tell you if your pet needs some more help in some area of their daily nutrition and it can rule out diseases and conditions that might be preventing your dog from being healthy.

Contact Warrick Veterinary Clinic for Any Questions About Dog Nutrition in Warrick County, IN

If you feel like feeding your dog has become a real struggle and you are not satisfied with how they look or seem to feel, you should always make adjustments right away. Dogs who are not fed the right balance of nutrients can be listless, have a dull coat and seem like they have no enthusiasm for life. You will want to address any dietary deficiency before it leads to health conditions that might impact your dog long term.

Feeding your canine friend well is actually very easy and you can supplement almost everything that they need with a quality kibble. Make sure that they have access to clean water free and that you exercise your dog every day. With the right combination of care and good quality food, your dog will thrive and be happy and healthy for years to come.

For more information about dog nutrition, or if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health, contact our team at Warrick Veterinary Clinic today by calling or scheduling an appointment online