Summer Pet Safety in Warrick County, IN

Summer Pet Safety

Summers in southern Indiana can change in the blink of an eye. A breezy warm summer day can turn into a heat wave which in turn could bring about thunderstorms and even tornadoes! We are not the only ones who suffer from severe weather. Out pets are particularly susceptible to heat and often become frightened of storms. Yet, just as dangerous as summer can be, it is equally as enjoyable and a great time to get out and spend more time with your pet—just do so with these cautions in mind. Read our summer pet safety tips!

Be Cautious: Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun

Excessive heat isn’t the only thing to worry about in the summer. Parasites and other pests are out in abundance! Stay safe with these tips:

  • Dogs and cats can’t sweat like we can, so heat affects them more rapidly. A 70-degree day may be lovely to us, but too much time in the sun can be damaging to your pet’s health. Always make sure your pet has plenty of cool drinking water and shade to rest in when outside in warm weather.
  • Don’t neglect exercise just because it’s hot. Take your pet out for walks earlier in the morning and later in the evening to avoid the heat of the day.
  • NEVER leave your pet in a parked car. It can heat rapidly to dangerous levels and be potentially fatal for your pet. Don’t take the risk!
  • Consider your pet’s breed when taking them out in the summer sun. Flat-nosed dog breeds are likely to be brachycephalic and suffer from airway obstruction. This makes breathing normally difficult which can be more severe on hot days, leading to quicker development of heatstroke.
  • Ensure your pet’s pest prevention is up to date. Insects such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes thrive in warmer climates and can transmit diseases and parasites to your pet. Keep them at bay with proper, consistent prevention. If your pet is due for a refill of their preventive medication, visit your veterinarian today.

Through the Storm

Now that you have the tools to beat summer heat, let’s take on the storms that come with it. Storms can cause a range of issues for your pet from noise aversion and anxiety to actual physical harm. To keep your pet safe, bring them inside well before the storm hits. If needed, put them on a leash to make sure they stay with you and do not bolt. If you need to take refuge in a crawl space or shelter, ensure that it is free of hazards for your pet such as pest poisons, garden fertilizers, or any sharp tools. Having water and food there as well is a good precaution if you need to take shelter for a length of time. Additionally, any pet who is particularly sensitive to the loud booming thunder or howling winds can be given prescribed anxiety medication to help them stay calm. Ask your veterinarian if you think your pet would benefit from medication.

For more advice or information about summer pet safety, please don’t hesitate to call us in Boonville at (812) 897-4855 or Newburgh at (812) 853-6041.

Angela & Gary G.
January 4, 2017

The vet who gave Noel her exam and shots was very kind and answered all questions we asked regarding Noel's health. The vet techs and secretaries were kind and considerate also.