Our Pet Blood Work Promotion

Pets are important members of the family. As fellow pet parents, our goal is to help you keep your furry family members healthy and happy for as long as possible. That’s why preventative care and early detection are key! To help in this process, we’re offering a special package deal through December 31, 2018.

What Tests are Included?

Our early detection blood work package includes these tests:

  • Chemistry
  • CBC
  • SDMA

Together, all tests come to a retail price of $128.50. With our package deal, the total comes to $99, which amounts to over 20% in savings!

You can also take an additional $5.00 off your pet’s Phenobarbital and Thyroid in-house panels if you decide to have them performed with your pet’s early detection package.

Call us today to schedule your pet’s early detection blood work before December 31, 2018!

Why is Early Detection Important?

Lab work can reveal health problems that are present but not showing clinical signs. Detecting disease processes early means that we can do more with less medical treatment!

If your pet’s lab work falls within normal limits, we can use this information as a baseline of health for future reference and detect potential illnesses much sooner. Additionally, if your pet has been taking medications long term, these medications can alter their organ function. Monitoring the effects of these medications is key to reducing risks and complications.

What Does Lab Work Show?

Chemistry: The Chemistry panel tests for diseases of the liver, kidneys, and pancreas, and reveals total proteins and blood electrolytes.

CBC (Complete Blood Count): CBC measures and quantifies the different portions of the blood including the white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, and hemoglobin. Abnormal cell levels may indicate infections, potential cancers, and other illnesses.

SDMA (Symmetric Dimethylarginine): SDMA evaluates kidney function and can detect early signs of kidney disease when kidney damage is at just 25%. Other kidney tests can only detect disease after 50-75% damage.

The vet who gave Noel her exam and shots was very kind and answered all questions we asked regarding Noel's health. The vet techs and secretaries were kind and considerate also.

-Angela & Gary G. January 4, 2017