Noise Aversion: How To Manage Cat & Dog Anxiety

Loud, scary noises–be they from thunderstorms, fireworks celebrations, or road construction–can be extremely stressful for some dogs and cats. Noise aversion in dogs and cats is not a new concept, but it should be taken seriously, because it can harm your pet’s quality of life. Furthermore, a cat or dog anxiety can rub off on its owner(s), creating a more stressful environment overall. At Warrick Veterinary Clinic, we can help you address and manage your pet’s anxiety so that when scary noises do occur, they’ll feel less stressed and more relaxed.

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Signs that Your Pet’s Sensitivity to Sound is Stressing Them Out

Your pet’s keen hearing makes them much more sensitive to sound than the average person. For many dogs and cats, loud, sudden noises do not instill fear and anxiety. However, some pets can become extremely fearful when they hear these noises, which can put serious strain on their mental and physical health.

Your pet may have serious noise aversion if, during noisy events, they:

  • Are excessively clingy and follow you everywhere
  • Crouch low to the floor and freeze
  • Tremble uncontrollably
  • Bark and/or whimper constantly
  • Are hyper-vigilant, pacing back and forth
  • Groom excessively
  • Hide under the bed or chair and refuse to come out
  • Have accidents in the house
  • Damage furniture and parts of the house
  • Attempt to escape
  • Are panting heavily
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Solutions to Calm an Anxious Dog or Cat

Keeping your pet calm during noisy events will help them feel more secure in your home, and they’ll be much happier for it (and so will you). We offer the following prescription and non-prescription products to safely increase your pet’s sense of calm:

For Dogs

  • Sileo
  • Clomicalm
  • Adaptil (non-prescription)

For Cats

  • Feliway (non-prescription)

Call us today to learn more about these products and request a consultation if you’re interested in getting a prescription for your pet.